Interior Valet


An interior valet comes at two different levels, a basic and extreme.

The basic package is designed for just a clean up. Using a brush to get to all the intricate areas removing dust dirt and grime from the trim. The mats will be cleaned thoroughly, then all seats and carpet will be vacuumed with light stains removed. The boot will also be vacuumed. the inside of all the windows will be cleaned too. 


 The extreme package is for heavily soiled vehicle's that will require more time. Deeper cleaning will be done to remove the tougher stains on fabrics, a deep clean of all leathers, sand removal of the carpets and topping it all off with UV protection of all the plastics.

These packages have optional extras such as per hair removal and protection for the seats in the vehicle. 



Prices start from £35 for a basic and £60 for extreme and can alter depending on size and state of vehicle. Message for a quote now.