A Buzz Detail


A Buzz Detail is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can expect to have your car returned to you with a glossy paint that makes you feel like it has just been bought from a showroom. This package is the premium level that will include having your car detailed and brought back to life from roof to rims. You will have your vehicle valeted, decontaminated, deep cleaned, protected and then a single stage machine polish. This will remove 60-80% of light scratches, marring and swirls and will bring your vehicle's paint gloss back to how it should be. Once that is complete you will have the optional extra to have a true ceramic coating to protect the paintwork for a guaranteed 4 years! Plus the opportunity to extend that protection guarantee to 10 years!

If this is something your interested in get in touch and we can arrange a quote for your vehicle. Please allow at least a day for this job to be completed. 



Prices start from £220 and can alter depending on size and state of vehicle. Message for a quote now.