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Deep Clean


With the deep clean package, your vehicle is revived to a factory fresh finish,

the exterior has a decontamination wash to remove tar etc, whilst the interior has a complete shampoo and extraction, before a complete interior detail clean. 

  • Full inspection of vehicle- and agreement with customer on what areas to prioritise, 

  • Complete clean of the wheel faces, arches, and barrels.

  • Brake Calliper Clean

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed,

  • Prewash, 

  • Snow-foam Bath,

  • Heavy Tar Removal

  • Iron/ Fallout Removal

  • Detail brush clean of all crevice's,

  • All door shuts cleaned

  • Contact wash (Two-bucket safe wash method ensures that no scratches or marring occurs.)   

  • Hand polish to small imperfections,

  • 8-12 Week Hydrophobic Sealant application,

  • Dressing applied to all trim,

  • Interior detail vacuum, including crevices,

  • Interior mats removed, deep cleaned and detail striped (dependant on mat), 

  • All trim brushed to remove dust,

  • Upholstery refreshed with heavy stains removed,

  • Steering wheel cleaned,

  • Pedals Cleaned with non-slip cleaner,

  • Windows and mirrors cleaned  

  • Detail brush clean of all crevice's,

  • Interior/ Upholstery Shampooed and extracted

  • Carpets Shampooed and extracted

  • Leather Deep Cleaned and then wiped down and dressed with leather food

  • Steam Clean of trim and upholstery

Optional Extras

Mould removalPet hair removal, Silicone dressing removal, Sand removal, Premium wax,

  Fabric protection, liquid and oil repellent, Leather protection from damaging UV rays, dye transfer and discolouration


You will have access to the discounted maintenance package after a deep clean

Prices start from £170 and can alter depending on size and state of vehicle.

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