Deep Clean


With the deep clean package, your car is revived to a factory fresh finish,

the exterior has a decontamination wash to remove tar etc, whilst the interior has a complete shampoo and extraction, before a complete interior detail clean. 

  • Full inspection of vehicle- and agreement with customer on what areas to prioritise, 

  • Complete clean of the wheel faces, arches, and barrels.

  • Brake Calliper Clean

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed,

  • Prewash, 

  • Snow-foam Bath,

  • Heavy Tar Removal

  • Iron/ Fallout Removal

  • Detail brush clean of all crevice's,

  • All door shuts cleaned

  • Contact wash (Two-bucket safe wash method ensures that no scratches or marring occurs.)   

  • Hand polish to small imperfections,

  • 8-12 Week Hydrophobic Sealant application,

  • Dressing applied to all trim,

  • Interior detail vacuum, including crevices,

  • Interior mats removed, deep cleaned and detail striped (dependant on mat), 

  • All trim brushed to remove dust,

  • Upholstery refreshed with heavy stains removed,

  • Steering wheel cleaned,

  • Pedals Cleaned with non-slip cleaner,

  • Windows and mirrors cleaned  

  • Detail brush clean of all crevice's,

  • Interior/ Upholstery Shampooed and extracted

  • Carpets Shampooed and extracted

  • Leather Deep Cleaned and then wiped down and dressed with leather food

  • Steam Clean of trim and upholstery


Premium Wax, Pet Hair/ Sand removal, Silicone dressing removal, access to discounted maintenance packages after initial deep clean.

Prices start from £170 and can alter depending on size and state of vehicle. Message for a quote now.