Paint corrections

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Paint corrections

Here at A Buzz Detail we offer a few different levels of paint corrections, but all of the corrections will start off with a full decontamination clean of the exterior, to ensure the vehicle is prepared correctly for the paint to be machine polished. The interior will also get a valet to a high standard.

Here are the different levels you can choose from:

Gloss Enhancement

1 Day


This is a full body polish to add a bit of extra gloss. This is not designed to remove swirls of scratches, but it will give your vehicle a bit of extra shine by using a soft polishing pad and a premium polish. 

Single Stage

2 Days


This correction is focused on removing the swirls and light scratches on the vehicle. By using a soft polishing pad and premium polish the paintwork will not only be glossier, but it will also have 60-75% of the swirls and marring removed, giving it a mirror like finish.

Two Stage

3 Days


This is a multi-stage polish to remove and improve the heavier scratches and swirls on the vehicle. The process will involve different polishes and pads to cut back and refine the paint, improving it by 70-85%. Your vehicle will have more clarity, be glossier and you will be buzzing about the results.


6-8 month wax    £35

12 month graphene coating    £60

4 year ceramic coating    £130

Costs can vary on the level of protection required, and size and state of vehicle.

Message for a quote now. 

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