Full Valet


Hire us for this service to ensure your vehicle gets cleaned and protected to the high standard that you need and your vehicle deserves. Once the vehicle has been inspected, it will then under go a full valet inside and out. This will include things like having the arches, barrels and face of the wheels cleaned. A prewash then snowfoam will be applied with all the intricate areas cleaned out. The two bucket safe wash method will ensure that no scratches or marring will occur.  Then it will be protected with a hydrophobic sealant. This will keep your vehicle protected for 6-8 weeks! Once the outside is dealt with the interior have the mats removed and deep cleaned, the trim will be brushed to remove all the dust, then vacuumed out. any light stains on the seats will be removed before cleaning all the trim of any dirt and grime before being protected. 


Prices start from £60 and can alter depending on size and state of vehicle. Message for a quote now.